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Recycling with Kirill Yurovskiy

Trash, clutter, waste. For most people, these represent headaches and expenses. But for those with vision, overlooked resources sit ready to fuel income streams. What the crowd discards, smart entrepreneurs recognize as underpriced commodities. 

A recycling renaissance is underway as mounting environmental pressures meet shifting consumer mindsets. Yet outdated infrastructure leaves massive gaps many fail to spot between the supply of recyclable materials and the systems needed to process them responsibly. Savvy operators are filling these gaps while upgrading value chains – and securing their share of profits.

I developed this 3-month course to equip green entrepreneurs to thrive amidst the coming recycling revolution. By analyzing this high-potential industry systematically, I will prepare you to capitalize on under-tapped opportunities while driving positive impact. Uncover the keys to:  

  • Generating Multiple Income Streams from Recycling 
  • Choosing the Most Lucrative Niches & Business Models  
  • Building Green Ventures Rapidly with Minimal Startup Capital
  • Managing Recycling Operations for Maximum Efficiency & Uptime
  • Creating Competitive Advantages Difficult for Rivals to Replicate  
  • Expanding Locally and Scaling Nationwide 

The course curriculum includes: 

Introductory Section – Core Concepts & Growth Projections 

  • Size the national and regional opportunity across waste types 
  • Review key drivers spurring industry growth over the next decade  
  • Learn distinct business models along the recycling value chain


Niche Analysis & Opportunity Recognition Modules 

  • Quantify supply/demand imbalances by geography and waste vertical 
  • Identify target niches aligned with public/private incentives  
  • Recognize prime locations suited for greenfield operations  


Operational Model Design Studio 

  • Select optimal processing methods, equipment, logistics/routing 
  • Right-size capacity for target client bases and expansion runway  
  • Calculate pricing and expected profitability projections  


Implementation Playbooks 

  • Access end-to-end launch blueprints for winning models 
  • Leverage permitting/licensing checklists and templates
  • Adopt marketing assets and partnership outreach scripts 


Ongoing Coaching & Community Support 

  • Get expert guidance adapting concepts to your context 
  • Connect with other entrepreneurs to exchange ideas/opportunities 


By participating in this intensive program, you will gain specialized knowledge few recycling businesses tap to drive expansion and outcompete incumbents. I will equip you to ride surging demand for improved waste solutions towards outsized profits with social impact embedded fundamentally into your venture. 

Kirill Yurovskiy
Kirill Yurovskiy
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The Power Behind the Recycling Resurgence

For much of history, limited infrastructure and misaligned incentives caused massive waste leakage across product lifecycles. Items used briefly became landfill-clogging rubbish with residuals accumulating across ecosystems. But new realities have aligned to power a recycling revolution targeting smarter resource flows.

Several key forces now turbocharge industry prospects: 

The Circular Economy Transition  

  • Companies realize recyclable commodities increasingly outprice new materials 
  • Manufacturers seek reliable supply chains for recycled content requirements  
  • Investors back projects improving lifecycle efficiency from design to recovery


Public & Private Infrastructure Investments

  • Governments boost recycling mandates, incentives, and collection infrastructure
  • Corporations launch initiatives to recover materials in operating footprint  
  • Universal access and separation policies simplify end-user participation 


Tech Innovations & Automation 

  • New sensors, analytics, robotics revolutionize sorting and processing  
  • Previously labor-intensive jobs get automated at newly competitive rates  
  • Accuracy, speed, uptime, and economics transform vs manual approaches  


Evolving Social Values & Purchase Drivers

  • Consumers, especially youth, favor brands aligning with ecological values  
  • Mainstream buyers actively seek recycled content and lifecycle transparency  


Favorable Demographics & Urbanization Trends 

  • Population and economic expansion produce more recoverable byproducts
  • Increased density improves collection economics and routing efficiency  


Together these drivers indicate immense potential still largely untapped. First movers recognizing this promise now position robustly while competitors sleep. I’ll prepare you to join the vanguard capitalizing early.

Kirill Yurovskiy
Kirill Yurovskiy

Choosing Your Niche - What to Recycle & Where to Play

Recycling encompasses a vast array of waste from packaging to electronics across residential, commercial and municipal channels. Rather than spreading efforts thinly, savvy ventures start niche then scale density before expanding to adjacent sectors. I will guide you to target specific high-yield segments where undersupply is greatest and barriers are lowest. 

We will analyze details like: 

Type of Materials

  • Common curbside items: paper, plastic, glass, metals  
  • Bulk streams: yard waste, construction debris, hazardous substances 
  • E-waste: laptops, mobile phones and other electronics   


Sources of Supply

  • Municipal recycling: Single vs multi-family residences  
  • Commercial clients: malls, office complexes, airports etc.   
  • Events venues, hotels, universities, hospitals, and more   


Customer Base Served 

  • Residential routes: household consumers
  • Business accounts: recurring B2B collections 
  • Public partners: cities/counties with unmet volume needs 


Together we will identify prime sweet spots where market dynamics allow rapid wins. I will equip you to recognize mismatches between regional waste generation and processing capacity. Target areas where heightened environmental awareness and corporate demand accompany outdated infrastructure.

Kirill Yurovskiy


Lucrative Recycling Business Models & Post-Consumer Value Chains

Once high-potential material streams and supplier bases get identified from area diagnostics, we explore business models capable of capturing upside. Various approaches allow participation along the recycling value chain to match interests with profit drivers.

We will examine popular models around:

Collection & Hauling  

  • Gather curbside materials or transport for commercial clients 
  • Leverage routing density and backhauls to minimize costs


Sorting & Processing

  • Receive mixed streams for separation by material type   
  • Leverage automation to boost accuracy, speed & economics   


Buybacks & Drop-Off Centers  

  • Pay suppliers for recyclable material directly  
  • Aggregate volume from decentralized sources 


Wholesale & Brokering Recycled Feedstock

  • Buy post-consumer commodities to sell into commodity markets   
  • Act as market maker connecting regional generators and end users  


Value-Add Reclamation, Reuse & Upcycling  

  • Convert scrap inputs into upgraded products  
  • Examples: plastic lumber from bottles, new glassware from shards


We will calculate earning potential across models factoring in projected capital costs, operating expenses, risks, and upside at niche maturity. This facilitates informed business model decisions reflecting personal strengths and constraints.

Gaining Competitive Advantages

In a growth industry, sustaining market leadership requires building buffers no competitor can easily replicate or circumvent. I will instruct you on intelligently leveraging resources to widen your advantages over time. 

Review options like:

Strategic Alliances – Partner with anchor institutions granting you preferred access to waste volumes in exchange for solutions suiting their expansion aims. Key targets include municipalities lacking recycling infrastructure and corporations needing help meeting sustainability mandates.

Technology Leverage – Integrate cutting-edge analysis, automation, IoT sensors and routing software to beat competitors on accuracy, responsiveness and process economics. Maintain advantage as processes improve via continuous optimization fueled by data insights. 

Customer Loyalty Programs – Offer suppliers incentives like points, rewards, or token payments for providing cleaner streams and higher participation rates. Structuring programs akin to credit card loyalty schemes incentivizes habits that boost your profitability.

Diversification – Expand vertically across the value chain or horizontally into complementary waste verticals to mitigate risk concentration in one segment. Balance stability with continued growth.  

Due to my hands-on work across waste industries, I can provide specific tactics better suited to niche scenarios that cumulatively make you the preferred operator and toughest rival to unseat. My aim is preparing you to lead a market durably while maintaining positive community impacts.

Kirill Yurovskiy

Implementation – Executing Your Green Dream

Many entrepreneurs burn out after the heady visionary phase trying to push new ventures over thepractical finish line. But grand goals mean little without sound execution. We will cover key steps to launch smoothly and scale impactfully.

I provide comprehensive startup roadmaps including: 

  • Incorporation guides and licensing pathway checklists 
  • Employee hiring templates and operations manuals
  • Reporting methodology and IT infrastructure overviews 
  • Marketing launch packages and partnership outreach scripts
  • Equipment purchasing checklists and model legal agreements
  • Financing proposals and access to working capital channels
  • Ongoing enhancement frameworks leveraging data analytics


You will gain access to the full toolkit successful startups leverage to build strategically. I help you assemble the ingredients for growth consistently overlooked by novices yet indispensable. By adopting proven systems from the outset, you gain months or years on slow-learning competitors.

I aim to provide a solid foundation upon which to erect an enduring company poised for long-term prosperity and industry leadership. Let’s build something legendary together! 

The Time to Act is Now   

Waste generation will continue rising over the coming decade across industries. Yet processing infrastructure builds more slowly than output volumes grow. This guarantees lucrative opportunities in recycling for those recognizing disequilibriums early with enterprising solutions. 

My course prepares you to capitalize on this surge by building the capabilities few competitors grasp. I will provide the inside industry perspective only an experienced operator possesses. Gain the insights investors require to fund assets like facilities, vehicles, and advanced machinery that barriers rivals lacking know-how.

Seize the chance to profit sustainably and make a lasting impact addressing overlooked environmental needs. Enroll now to secure expertise in limited supply but soaring demand. I look forward to advising your launch and seeing impressive outcomes!

Meet Your Expert Instructor

As your instructor, I draw lessons from over 20 years as an operator and advisor within waste and recycling enterprises. Leveraging real-world expertise, I will prepare you to navigate industry nuances that newcomers take years to discover yet remain critical for your success.

My diverse background includes roles like:  

  • Founder of a regional glass recycling processor and upcycling studio 
  • Advisor to municipal recycling authorities on optimization best practices  
  • Investor providing growth capital to small recycling startups to scale
  • Managing Director at a national e-waste recycling firm
  • Consultant improving output quality and uptime for an electronics teardown company
  • Author of industry reference guides on commercial composting economics  


Across these experiences, I’ve cultivated comprehensive perspectives across recycling models intimately understanding income drivers, cost centers, and value creation levers specific to this sector. The instruction methodology synthesizes:  

  • Quantitative analytics assessing regional waste generation against infrastructure gaps
  • Evaluation frameworks to identify target materials and supplier groups
  • Operational blueprints for collection, transport, sorting, and reprocessing 
  • Financial models calculating profit drivers and key assumptions for feasibility  
  • Marketing plans for customer acquisition and sustainability messaging
  • Implementation roadmaps developed from advising 100+ startups


My network now includes founders across recycling verticals willing to sharecandid advice as you evaluate niches against your risk appetite, desired lifestyles, and experience. I will facilitate introductions so you can shortcut years spent learning via trial and error.  

By participating in this 3-month journey, you will gain specialized knowledge few tap when building green businesses. I provide the insider perspective and analytical tools needed to make prudent decisions then execute efficiently. Join me in cultivating a rewarding venture guided by environmental stewardship!

Spaces are limited to enable personalization so apply now before this cohort fills. I look forward to helping you capitalize on coming waste innovations!

Kirill Yurovskiy

You've Got Questions – I’ve Got Answers

Launching any venture comes with obstacles testing the resolve of even seasoned founders. Recycling in particular involves nuances many discover after missteps were made. By partnering together, we can anticipate challenges early while equipping you with solutions.  

Below I answer commonly asked questions to demonstrate my commitment to preparing you fully:

How much capital must be raised to start? 

We assess minimal startup budgets for niche models so unproven founders can test ideas without securing millions early on. I provide capital efficiency tips that help extend runway.

Are permits hard to get? 

Proper licensing ensures community support. Checklists help navigate requirements. Industry relationships expedite approval processes when possible.

How do we source enough volume quickly?

Securing reliable feedstock is pivotal so we evaluate both contractual and spot supply channels while qualification criteria screen potential partners.

Can technology reduce risks?

Yes, the latest tools boost output quality, reduce contamination, minimize errors and take labor constraints off the table. But astute integration is vital so we study options suited per application. 

How long until profitability?  

Target 12-18 months to cover costs by starting niche then reinvesting early earnings to scale towards density thresholds enabling profitability younger than competitors anticipate.

What if markets change for materials?  

For instance, if the economy slows and commodity prices drop for metals or paper. We stress test assumptions to confirm adequate margins remain post-revenue shocks and study hedging techniques.

What about carbon credits or government incentives? 

Both provide upside. We discuss qualification nuances, application timelines, and using renewable identification numbers to boost income by converting efficiencies into credits sold to polluters needing regulatory offsets.

Still have questions?

Reach out now to start a discussion – no commitments needed. I offer intro calls to vet fit, evaluate goals, and determine if this program meets your needs. Let’s have a productive conversation on next steps soon!

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